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How Hometap is Different From a Traditional Loan

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Hometap radically differs from traditional loan products like HELOCs (home equity lines of credit) and 30-year mortgages. Hometap enables homeowners to tap into their home equity without incurring additional debt and how to sell a home in ashville north carolina, leveraging their top asset to stay in the home they love without being burdened by high interest-rates or upfront costs.

Unlike HELOCs, Hometap does not leave the homeowner subject to fluctuations in interest rates and monthly payments with adjustable payment terms, making life easier and straightforward for homeowners. With a simple one-time transaction, a homeowner can unlock their capital stored in home value at affordable and transparent rates—unusable since it’s tied up in your home.

Unlike other financing products, with Hometap you’ll never find yourself confronted with undisclosed fees or risks. Transparency is at the heart of our mission and we pride ourselves on offering our customers clear financing options tailored specifically to your needs. When you choose Hometap as a way to access your capital savings stored in your home, you can count on straightforward contracts that clearly outline payment terms, rates and fees—so you can get comfortable with the option that works best for you and trust what you’ve signed up for. In addition to cost efficiency compared to other capital sources, this clarity allows the homeowner to reclaim control over their investment decisions by minimising risk along the way.

Overview of Hometap

Hometap is a revolutionary platform that enables homeowners to tap into their home equity without taking out a traditional loan. Instead, it offers homeowners access to cash by enabling them to leverage their home equity without incurring interest or fees. Hometap’s innovative technology is transforming how people access their home equity and providing them with an alternative to traditional loans.

Let’s dive further into Hometap and explore how it is different from a traditional loan:

hometap american family ventures azevedotechcrunch

What is Hometap?

Hometap is an innovative first-of-its-kind program that allows homeowners to tap into their home’s equity to finance home improvements, pay off debt, or fund life’s expenses. Unlike traditional loans, Hometap provides homeowners with cash secured by a lien on their home. This lien stays in place until the homeowner chooses to pay off the lien or sell their house.

Hometap eliminates the need for an appraisal and credit check, allowing homeowners to access funds quickly and easily. It also offers a competitive interest rate plus an optional BlueCheck Points program that offers discounts on local goods and services when you use your Hometap card.

Through Hometap, homeowners have access to:

  • A simplified application process with no credit checks.
  • A lump sum of up to 15% of the equity in your home.
  • An option for a fixed or variable interest rate.
  • No early repayment penalties.
  • Quick turnaround times of only 3 – 5 days.
  • A free annual check of your loan status.
  • Tradeoffs of equity for renovations or other financial goals.

How Does Hometap Work?

Hometap is a revolutionary home equity investment platform that allows homeowners to tap into their home equity without taking on debt or paying any upfront fees or closing costs. Hometap puts homeowners in control by allowing them to access the cash they need while maintaining ownership of their homes and avoiding loan repayment requirements.

Rather than taking out a mortgage, HELOC, or second loan, Hometap provides homeowners with a one-time capital infusion in exchange for a finite return based on the future appreciation of their home. In addition, unlike traditional loans, this type of investment has no debt to repay, meaning homeowners can take advantage of potentially lucrative financial opportunities without worrying about mounting loan payments.

The application process is simple – applicants can fill out an online form and submit additional documentation for approval. After being accepted into the program, Hometap will reach out within 24 hours with an offer designed specifically for each applicant’s needs. Once funds are requested and accepted, they are typically available within 7 days. Additionally, depending on state regulations, customers can access up to 20% of the value of their homes via Hometap’s platform within 24 hours after acceptance into the program.

As part of the investment process, customers must place a lien on their home title to secure proceeds paid out by Hometap and ensure that they can receive long-term return when they sell their home at some point in the future – though there is no timeline associated with selling and redemption is not required by any means. Instead, the lien acts like an insurance policy because it guarantees that both parties will receive what they’re due upon redemption or sale – ensuring customers’ and investors’ peace of mind.

Hometap Closes on $60M to Let People Tap Into Their Home Equity Without Taking Out a Loan

Hometap is a financial tool that allows homeowners to access their home equity without taking out a traditional loan. Unlike traditional loans, Hometap does not require a credit check or lengthy paperwork or loan processing. Instead, homeowners simply have to submit an application to be approved for a Hometap, they can access their home equity when needed.

Hometap has recently closed on $60 million in funding, which is a testament to the rising popularity of this financial tool. Now let’s explore the benefits of Hometap and how it is different from a traditional loan:

No Loan Required

Hometap differentiates itself from traditional loan products in that there is no loan required—Hometap is an investment, not a loan. With Hometap, you don’t owe any money; therefore, there are no monthly payments or interest charges. In addition, instead of taking out a loan and receiving cash, you receive equity by selling part of your home’s future value to investors.

The key difference between Hometap and typical loans is that you’re not making payments over time—you’re simply taking part of the value of your home and receiving cash for that share up front. This enables you to get the financial resources you need without the commitment of taking out a loan.

hometap 60m family ventures azevedotechcrunch

At any point in time, Hometap investors can keep their investments intact on your property or sell them back to you whenever they decide they want their money back. In this sense, Hometap gives homeowners greater control and flexibility compared to traditional lending sources like mortgages or HELOCs which require borrowers to make regular monthly payments over an extended period. This means that with Hometap, you can access the funds when it works for you instead of having to adhere to a repayment structure set by lenders.

Low Interest Rates

Hometap offers low interest rates to help you get your project started without worrying about the cost. With competitive rates and no hidden fees, homeowners enjoy better long-term savings while participating in home improvement projects.

Unlike traditional loans, home improvement financing with Hometap does not require additional paperwork or take weeks to obtain approval. Homeowners can access funds numerically within a few days and do not need to provide extensive financial documents on an ongoing basis like you would in a loan agreement.

  • The repayment terms are fixed, making it easier for homeowners to plan their budget and accurately predict what the payments will be each month.
  • Plus, compared to other financing methods for home projects such as credit cards or other loans, Hometap offers lower interest rates, which can result in savings over time.
  • Finally, unlike bank loans or tricky equity agreements, there is no requirement to have your funds repaid in full within a short time frame so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of money if you only need partial funding. It is a hassle-free way to finance your project!

Fast Approval Process

One of the most appealing attributes of Hometap is the speedy approval process. Unlike a traditional loan, Hometap can provide homeowners with an investment in their home within a few weeks – not months. All you need to do is submit an application, provide supporting documents and work directly with one of Hometap’s qualified Partners. Once you have supplied all the necessary documents and received approval, your Partner will contact you to evaluate the details and discuss financing options.

In addition to being able to close on your investment in a fraction of the time it typically takes to secure a traditional loan, numerous benefits come with obtaining an investment from Home Tap:

  • No credit check or monthly payments required from homeowners
  • No restrictions on how money is used away from home improvements
  • No prepayment penalties for when you pay it back early

Receiving an investment from Home Tap does not require a loan application and does not affect your credit score – and once closed, the entire transaction remains strictly confidential between you and your partner.

Comparison to Traditional Loans

Hometap is an alternative to a traditional loan to access your home equity. Instead of taking out a loan with a fixed interest rate, Hometap offers a new way to tap into your home equity without the hassle of dealing with a loan.

In this section, we will discuss how Hometap is different from a traditional loan and some of the advantages Hometap offers:

Interest Rates

When looking to purchase or refinance a home, one of the most critical considerations is the interest rate offered by the loan. Hometap, a form of financing that provides an investment in your home, can provide advantageous interest rates compared to traditional mortgages.

Market conditions often impact the interest rate offered through Hometap, how much capital investors commit, and other factors such as Hometap’s proprietary credit scoring system. Generally lower than traditional loans, Hometap offers competitive fixed-rate loans over 5-15 years with interest only payments available depending on investor demand.

In contrast to Hometap’s relatively low-interest fees, traditional mortgage lenders offer various interest rates according to their products and credit rating criteria. Interest rates generally have three components:

  • An origination fee to administer the loan;
  • Points which are prepaid fees to obtain a lower rate; and
  • Lastly an annual percentage rate (APR) includes other costs such as transaction fees and private mortgage insurance (PMI).

Due to varying criteria for what constitutes a “good borrower” across conventional mortgage lenders, the range of APRs can exceed 1 percent.

By offering competitive fixed-rate loans with lower origination fees and no additional upfront costs, Hometap gives borrowers more incentive than traditional mortgages in terms of their interest rates. While some conventional loans may offer slightly lower rates than Hometap under certain circumstances, they rarely offer more advantageous terms overall — ultimately leaving borrowers with increased costs over time.

Loan Terms

One of the biggest differences between Hometap and a traditional loan is that Hometap does not have traditional loan terms. Instead, all Hometap investments come with fixed-length terms, during which no payments are required until maturity. The homeowner chooses the term length and can be anywhere from 5–30 years. Traditional loans often require lengthy application processes, monthly payments plus interest, collateral requirements, hidden fees, credit checks and other conditions.

Another difference between Hometap and a traditional loan is how long it takes to get your funds. A Hometap investment can be completed within two to six weeks while a traditional loan could take up to 45 days or more depending on the lender and the situation. In addition, with traditional loans, documentation such as title insurance, appraisals, surveys and inspection may also add to closing costs and timeline – all of these added steps are unnecessary when you work with Hometap – making it simple for homeowners to access their home equity faster.

hometap 60m american family ventures azevedotechcrunch

In addition, since there are no monthly payments on a Hometap investment until maturity (unlike a mortgage or HELOC), you’ll have much lower monthly payment obligations than if you took out a loan or other debt obligation. This makes it much easier for homeowners to manage their cash flow while still accessing home equity when they need additional funds for life events such as

  • college tuition
  • healthcare needs
  • major home renovations

Credit Scores

Traditional loan applications will require you to submit and maintain documents related to your credit history, income, and other financial information. Banks and lenders use these documents, such as credit scores, to help determine whether an applicant is approved for a loan.

At Hometap, we don’t use credit scores in our application process. Instead, we evaluate your property value and underlying equity to determine eligibility for one of our home equity investments.

Hometap’s team of professionals understand that relying solely on credit scores may not reflect the true risk associated with someone who owns a home. Therefore, we look at a range of factors to better understand the borrower’s ability to make timely repayments for their Hometap investment, such as:

  • Your home’s estimated market value
  • The amount of your existing mortgage debt
  • The amount of existing liens or judgements against the property
  • Your employment history
  • Proof of income

We believe that using these criteria more accurately reflects your borrowing potential and can give us a better picture into who you are as an investor than simply relying on your credit score alone.


Overall, Hometap offers a valuable alternative to traditional loans. Hometap provides a straightforward solution that takes the guesswork out of financing home renovations or vacation getaways. Approval can be received quickly, without the lengthy process associated with bank loans or credit cards. In addition, there is no added burden in form of monthly payments required with traditional loans; Hometap provides an opportunity to invest in your future without taking on additional debt.

Additionally, rather than depreciating over time like other assets, equity investments typically appreciate, making it an attractive offering for many investors and homeowners. With the ability to make leverageable investments backed by the security of their home, customers can count on Hometap for a convenient and hassle-free investing opportunity.