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The Versatility of Side Tables: 10 Ways To Use Them


As the name suggests, a side table is a small compact table often paired with other large furniture pieces. The most common place you’ll find one is in the living room next to the sofas. But a side table can be much more. It pairs well with other furniture pieces including beds, armchairs or even as a standalone decorative or functional piece in your home. Here are 10 possible ways to use a side table if you’re looking to get creative.

In the Living Room

This is the most natural place to have a side table. It can be paired with your sofa or armchair and serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. You can place a decorative art piece, lamp, or just books and magazines on your table. It can also be used as a vacant space to place a cup of coffee or drop the remote as the occasion requires.

As a Portable Storage Space

Some side tables come with drawers or shelves, which can be used as a storage space for portable items. Living rooms can get messy with small items lying around, which is why the idea of a side table with portable storage space makes perfect sense.

As a Mini Workstation

If you work from home, a side table can be an occasional substitute for your dedicated work desk. It’s an excellent option to have because it allows you to work from the living room or any other part of your home aside from your home office if you want to. For homes with limited space, your side table might be the only workstation you have. Just make sure it is sturdy and high enough to hold your laptop.

As a Bedside Table

Your side table can be placed right beside your bed.


Not only does it add some character to your bedroom space, but it’s also the ideal place for books, your phone, a bedside lamp, or anything else you’d like to keep beside you while you sleep.

As a Stand to Display Plants

To incorporate plants into your living space, you’ll need a sturdy/stable surface. A side table works perfectly for this, especially for small potted plants or flowers. This setup can make your home feel homely.

In the Bathroom

This is probably one of the last places you’ll expect to see a side table, which shows just how versatile this portable furniture piece can be. A side table in your bathroom can be used as a spot for decorative items or a stand for your scented candles. It can also serve as a storage space to keep things out of sight.  

In the Study Room

If you have a study room or home office, you can place a side table there to hold items like books, documents or magazines. You can also keep it as a vacant spot where you can place your occasional cup of coffee or any other item.

As a Party Drinks Station

A portable side table can be used as a party drinks station, especially when you don’t have enough room for a large sideboard or buffet.


Consider getting a slightly larger and sturdy side table that can hold trays, glassware and coasters without toppling over for this purpose.

As a Surface for Board Games

Still in the party mood, a portable side table is the perfect companion for game night. You’ll need a surface like this to hold board games, extra cards, and other items during games night with your friends.

In the Nursery

If you have a little kid, a side table in the nursery is a convenient place to keep essential items like diapers and wipes. This keeps them within reach, so you have no time to find them when they’re needed. It’s also the perfect height for a baby monitor, so you can keep an eye on your baby when you’re not in the room.