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Creative Shoe Storage Ideas For Small Closets

How to organize shoes in a small closet

One of the best ways to maximize storage space in a small closet is to use vertical space. This can be done by adding extra shelves, cubbies, and even installing a hanging shoe rack. There are plenty of creative shoe storage ideas to help you make the most of your small closet.

Let’s explore how to use vertical space to organize shoes in a small closet:

Use wall-mounted shoe racks

Wall-mounted shoe racks are an excellent way to squeeze out every inch of vertical space in any small closet. These innovative designs, available at most home improvement stores, utilize often underused wall area and mount securely on either slats or vertical rails. Most feature individual slots to store ample pairs of shoes while providing full visibility so you can quickly grab a pair before leaving the house.

They can even be used to store other items, like books and accessories if space is really tight. Wall-mounted shoe racks also make great additions or alternatives to traditional hanging shoe organizers, and they guarantee no accidental topples when opening the closet door, since they are secured against the walls.

Hang shoe organizers

Making the most of your vertical space is key when creating a small closet that is functional and looks great too. To maximize vertical space in closets with only a single rod, try using hanging shoe organizers or mesh drawers which can fit up to ten pairs of shoes.

Hanging shoe organizers are an efficient tool for making the most out of closet real estate. Usually made of durable (but breathable) fabric, these nifty boxes come in sizes ranging from smaller over the door models to cubes with six tiers to hang multiple pairs off the single rod. Sorting by season or special occasion types such as winter boots or platform sandals can help you make the most out of this storage option and easily locate pairs when you’re looking for them.

Mesh drawers are another storage option when dealing with limitedness of space within a closet as they provide sturdy containment for folded items like shoes. These drawers pull out from shelves and fiberboard usually clamped onto the bottom rod in closets, but it’s important to double-check that your items are well secured before trying to load them up to prevent any unpleasant accidents! Some systems even come adjustable dividers tailor-made for shoes so they stay secure while keeping them close at hand.

Utilize over-the-door storage

Utilizing over-the-door storage solutions is a great way to maximize the vertical space in a small closet. Look for options that will fit the length and width of the door. If there is room, you can install two sets of shelves next to each other to increase their capacity.

Over-the-door products typically have pockets, compartments and/or open shelving for items of all shapes and sizes. Hanging space for tall boots and top shelf cubbies are also good additions for this type of storage system. Make sure you purchase sturdy hangers or anchors that work with your door frame before attempting to hang anything on any surface at home.

Utilize the Space Under the Bed

If you’re searching for ways to organize shoes in a small closet, then one of the best solutions is to use the space under your bed. Many beds have a large space underneath that can be used to store shoes in an organized manner. In addition to maximizing the area, keeping shoes under the bed can also help protect them from dust and dirt.

It’s a good idea to consider using clear storage containers with lids to make it easier to store and organize your shoes in this space.

Invest in under-bed shoe organizers

If you’re looking for creative shoe storage ideas for small closets, investing in an under-bed storage container or shoe organizer can be a great solution. These containers can be easily slid under any bed and are perfect for keeping sneakers, sandals, pumps and more. Under-bed containers come in a variety of sizes and materials that allow you to store up to 18 pairs of shoes in one unit. The clear plastic makes it easy to know which pair of shoes is inside each container.

This type of storage is especially beneficial if your closet does not have much hanging or shelf space available for shoes. An under-bed shoe organizer opens up the floor area around your bed and helps keep dust bunnies away. It’s also the best option if you need extra protection from dust and moisture, as some models are made with waterproof fabrics or protective liners. Some also feature built-in pull handles so they’re easy to slide out from under the bed when needed.

Use rolling bins

Under-the-bed rolling bins are a great way to maximize the limited space in small closets. They allow you to store a large number of shoes without sacrificing floor or hanging space. And since they have wheels, you can easily move them around when necessary.

Most under-the-bed bins also come with multiple baskets, allowing you to organize and store your shoes according to type or season. That way, you can quickly find the right pair when you need them.

Rolling bins are an affordable and easy way to keep your shoes organized and out of sight.

Repurpose an old dresser

If you want to maximize the storage space in your closet without compromising the floor area, then why not try repurposing an old dresser for shoe storage? It’s a great solution for those who don’t mind having their shoes up off the floor.

An old dresser can come in many sizes and shapes, too. If you have an extra long dresser, it can also act as a headboard or bedside next to your bed. Or, an old dresser could fit perfectly inside any closet and provide additional storage space both on top of the drawers and within them.

In addition to storing shoes inside the drawers of your reused dresser, you can also keep:

  • Paperwork
  • Accessories such as hats or scarves
  • Winter coats when it is not in season

Having something like a dresser under your bed would be perfect for adding extra organizational solutions like that in a small living space with limited closet space. You don’t have to redecorate your entire bedroom; just repurpose something that you already have! Taking advantage of unused furniture allows you to optimize the available space while reducing clutter so you can make the most out of any small living spaces.

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Get Creative with Shoe Cubbies

Limited space can make organizing a small closet a challenge, even when it comes to something as small as shoes. Cubbies are an ideal way to maximize space and create an organized, easy-to-access system for storing shoes in a small closet. Let’s explore some creative shoe storage ideas using cubbies that you can use to maximize your storage space and keep your shoes organized.

Use shoe cubbies to store shoes

Shoe cubbies are great for keeping your shoes organized in a small space. Cubbies come in all shapes and sizes, from stackable, plastic bins to wall-mounted units. They’re perfect for separating different types of shoes from one another, such as dress shoes from sneakers or sandals from heels.

When choosing shoe cubbies, look for ones that have adjustable shelves so you can fit different sizes of shoes in each box. Consider whether or not you need drawers where you can store laces or other shoe accessories. When stacked on the floor, keep in mind that taller cubbies may be more difficult to access when compared to shorter cubes.

Using shoe cubbies is an easy way to keep your footwear organized and visually appealing while still utilizing vertical space in your closet or storage room. Mix and match the colors of the cubes or combine with other organizational tools to create a fun and eye-catching design element in the room. For instance, display heels on open-air shelving or line up a collection of tennis shoes against one wall for extra storage space.

Utilize the space on the back of the door

Door storage is often a neglected area of the closet, but it can be helpful when trying to make the most of limited space. Use back-of-the-door shoe cubbies to hang shoes or other accessories. Install an over-the-door hanger with multiple pockets where you can store shoes and other items like hats, scarves, and hair accessories for easy access.

Take advantage of all your closet doors for additional shoe storage. In addition to hanging items from the backs of the doors, you can also attach a row of hooks near the bottom for storing shoes or dangling scarves or belts:

  • Hang shoes or other accessories with back-of-the-door shoe cubbies.
  • Store shoes, hats, scarves, and hair accessories in an over-the-door hanger with multiple pockets.
  • Attach a row of hooks near the bottom of the door for storing shoes or dangling scarves or belts.

Make Use of the Back of the Closet Door

One of the best ways to make use of the limited space in a small closet is to hang shoe organizers on the back of the door. You can either buy ready-made shoe organizers or you can use the back of the closet door and hang some hooks to hang multiple shoes. This way, you can make use of the limited space and keep all your shoes organized in one place.

Hang a shoe rack

Hanging a shoe rack on the back of your closet door can be a great use of space in crowded closets. This type of organizer provides lots of shelves for your shoes and fits easily in the corner of any closet. The top shelf is typically the perfect size for boots, while lower shelves may fit smaller shoes, flip flops and sandals.

Additional advantages to this type of shoe storage solution include the items being out of the way when you open a door, and some models come with pockets or pouches so that you can store smaller items like sweaters or scarves inside them. And since these types of racks are lightweight and portable, they can also be used in other areas around your home as needed.

Utilize adhesive shoe pockets

One of the best ways to make use of the back of your closet door is to hang up adhesive shoe pockets. These pockets are an inexpensive storage solution that can give you easy access to a variety of shoes. They are available in clear plastic, mesh, or fabric and range in size from larger pockets that can fit four pairs at once to smaller pockets designed for just a single pair. Most commonly they feature adhesive backs that stick directly onto the inside of your closet door, ensuring ease of installation and accessibility. Hanging them at eye-level ensures you’ll be able to see which pair is which in no time!

Use over-the-door hangers

One of the simplest and most effective ways to store shoes in a small closet is to make use of the back of the closet door. Over-the-door hangers or shoe cubbies can be useful for smaller shoes that can be hung from them or slipped into mesh pockets. This can easily add an extra six to eight pairs of shoes to your closet without taking up any floor space, making them great for those with limited storage solutions.

Over-the-door hangers come in various sizes, so you can get one tailored to fit whatever size door you have. Additionally, they often come with other storage options such as pockets or shelves which can further maximize the amount of shoe storage you have available. It’s important to also remember that over-the-door hangers don’t just have to be used for shoes – they are also perfect for accessories such as scarves and hats, making them a great all-rounder storage solution.

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Reorganize the Closet

The key to creating more storage space in a small closet is to reorganize and get creative. Utilizing vertical space and maximizing existing shelves is a great starting point. There are also a few creative ideas for organizing shoes in a small closet.

From hanging shoe organizers to creative DIY solutions, let’s explore some unique ways to keep shoes organized and maximize space in a small closet:

Utilize the space at the top of the closet

Making the most of your small closet space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Utilize the top of your closet for vertical storage. There are many products on the market that can help you make the most of this space, such as vertical rolling racks to hang your shoes on, or even a hanging shelf system with larger wire baskets to stash stacks of shoes in.

Take advantage of wall space by using stacked shelves or an over-the-door large mesh bag. This gives you more opportunity to store shoes and saves some valuable floor and closet rod space. Installing freestanding shelves on the sides of your closet can also provide an inexpensive way to store small items such as hats, mittens, and sandals vertically and maximizes floor space. You can buy shoe hangers that hang over closet rods or wall hooks installed in appropriate places so that you don’t need bulky furniture in order to keep your shoes organized.

If none of these options seem appealing, try buying some stackable bins or clear drawers that fit into tight spaces under beds or inside closets. With these storage solutions, you can easily move out seasonally worn shoes from your main shoe storage area without taking up precious floor space when placed underneath the bed frame or inside a large dresser drawer. Until then enjoy having easy access to winter boots during cold months and sandals during hot months!

Hang a shoe tree

Hang a shoe tree to maximize the storage potential of any closet. These slim storage solutions hang from the bar in your closet, providing multiple tiers for shoes without taking up valuable floor space. Shoe trees come in an array of materials and designs, from wood and metal to modern plastic versions with bottom hooks that keep tall boots in place. Hang one on separate variations for an efficient way to organize sandals, dress shoes and more!

As an alternative to a shoe tree you can use:

  • Over-the-door pockets
  • Hanging cubbies

Utilize the space in the corners

You can maximize the space in your closet by utilizing the corners. Corner shelves and organizers make better use of these hidden spaces. Place small items on them and store items like scarves, gloves, hats, shoes, and other accessories that don’t need to be stored anywhere else. You can also use separate shoe bags or hangers to keep all of those shoes organized and looking great! Some shelving units that fit over the door are perfect for shoes, as they provide additional hanging storage without taking up valuable floor space.

For an ultra-organized look, plan ahead and get corner shelf units with drawers or bins for sweaters and other bulky items at the bottom so you can take advantage of every square inch of storage space. Additionally, you can also add stackable bins to create storage within storage–just make sure not to overload your closet with these extra pieces as it’ll defeat the purpose of maximizing the storage space.