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What Happens When You Delete a Nintendo Account?

Are you ready to start fresh with a new Nintendo account? Have you been searching for the best way to delete your old one? Well, look no further! In this blog we’ll be discussing the best and quickest way to get rid of your Nintendo account so that you can move onto bigger and better things. So let’s jump right in and get deleting!


Are you wondering how to delete a Nintendo account? In this guide, we will explain how to go about removing your Nintendo account in three simple steps. It is important to note that deleting your account will mean you no longer have access to any games, content or services associated with it, so please ensure everything is backed up before proceeding. Additionally, purchased content and some save data may not be recoverable if you decide to reactivate your account in the future. So let’s get started and learn how to delete a Nintendo Account.

Here are the three simple steps to delete a Nintendo Account:

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3

What is a Nintendo Account?

A Nintendo Account holds all of the information associated with your account, such as balance, items purchased, My Nintendo points and linked services, such as Wii U and Nintendo 3DS systems. It is necessary to make purchases in the Nintendo eShop or register for promotional activities. If you already created a Nintendo Network ID for earlier systems like Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, you can use that same ID to log in to your Nintendo Account.

Nintendo Accounts also provide access to exclusive content from other services like YouTube and Netflix. Additionally, a Nintendo Account serves as a platform that allows you to share gameplay tips and experiences with other users in Miitomo and Super Mario Run. Your account will be tied directly to your profile – which consists of your Mii character along with your name – and if changes are made to one of these elements, they will be reflected across platforms like Miiverse on Wii U or StreetPass Mii Plaza on the 3DS.

If you would like to no longer use a specific Nintendo Account, it is possible to delete it; this action cannot be undone so please ensure that you have transferred any important data or purchases before deleting an account. Your “forgotten” user ID or password can always be retrieved by using the appropriate support page on the official website. To delete an account: select the “Delete my account” option after signing in through your web browser only; this cannot be done via app or system menu options currently. Please note that any games purchased digitally from either eShop might become inaccessible after deleting an Account.

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What are the Benefits of a Nintendo Account?

Having a Nintendo Account allows you to access a range of services and features that are available on Nintendo platforms. These include downloading and playing games, keeping track of in-game achievements, and connecting with friends. With a Nintendo Account, you can also track your purchases, manage settings across multiple devices, and access exclusive offers from Nintendo. As a member of the account, you’ll also have access to the ever-expanding library of free classic games. You may also find special discounts when purchasing digital titles from the eShop. Finally, if you own an amiibo toy or compatible NFC controller, your account will let you save information about your play sessions with it.

A Nintendo Account may be closed at any time and permanently deleted by following the steps laid out in the official documentation provided on their website. When deleting an account all related information such as purchased games or any messages sent between users will be removed permanently unless otherwise stated explicitly by a representative from Nintendo beforehand. It should also be noted that closing or deleting a user profile does not have any impact on the progress data associated with that profile as this data is stored locally or on cloud servers aside from being associated with an user profile for ease of use in other services provided by Nintendo themselves such as:

  • Playing online through their networks
  • Participating in activities hosted by them such as tournaments and seasonal events for gaming titles released for those networks

Wherein all related data remains intact even after said profile has been deleted assuming that there are no pending proceedings such as refunds due to previous purchases made through said profile before closure or deletion takes place according to the applicable laws applicable to territory or region concerned.

How to Create a Nintendo Account

Creating a Nintendo Account is an easy and straightforward process. With a Nintendo Account, you can access information about your games, systems, applications and even use special offers that are available only to Nintendo Account holders. This guide will walk you through the steps to create your own account.

  1. Go to the “Sign Up” page on the My Nintendo site. If you already have an existing Nintendo Network ID account on any other system or have previously purchased something off of the eShop on any other system either with credit or using a prepaid card, you should select the option for “Link Existing Accounts
  2. A form will appear prompting you to enter your name and some basic contact information such as your email address. Fill in all of this information accurately and agree to the privacy policy before continuing on in the signup process
  3. You will then be asked to choose a username and password for your new account. It is important that these details are kept secure so that only you have access to them
  4. Once finished with selecting a username and password combination, click “Create” at the bottom of the page
  5. Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your own unique Nintendo Account! Your account can now be used to purchase digital content from Nintendo eShop websites across all platforms including PC, 3DS/2DS handhelds, Wii U consoles, WiiWare services and even classic NES console titles!

How to Delete a Nintendo Account

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Deleting a Nintendo Account is fairly simple and can be done with just a few quick steps.

Before you begin, it’s important to recognize that deleting your Nintendo Account will also delete all account information, including:

  • All user progress in any games or apps associated with the Nintendo Account,
  • Any eShop purchases made or redeemed on the account,
  • Any prepaid balance available to use on that account, and
  • Any securities or service plans that are linked to the account.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure you no longer need access to any of these things before proceeding.

The process of deleting your Nintendo Account is as follows:

  1. Login to your Nintendo Account on using the same credentials used for other Nintendo services like the eShop.
  2. Select “Profile Settings” from the main menu.
  3. Under “Profile Management” select “Delete Your Nintendo Account” and read carefully through the deletion message which includes information about implications at all levels of deleting an account (personal files, emailed receipts and downloads).
  4. Select “Continue” then input your password once again when prompted and accept our final confirmation message before selecting “I understand; Delete my Nintendo Account” to confirm everything permanently deleted from Nintendo’s servers once processed by their Data Security Team within 48 hours of submission.

Alternatives to Deleting a Nintendo Account

If you no longer need or want your Nintendo account, it is possible to delete it. However, if you don’t wish to delete the account, there are also some alternatives that may work better for you.

  • Password recovery feature: If your intentions aren’t set on deleting your Nintendo Account, be sure to make use of the password recovery feature if you forget your login credentials. This feature allows you to reset your password without removing the account from the system.
  • Link alternate accounts: Although deleting a Nintendo Account is possible it isn’t necessary to have multiple accounts; simply link any alternate accounts with a Nintendo Account and switch between them whenever needed.
  • Non-refundable purchases: Finally keep in mind that any purchases made previously with a deleted Nintendo Account are completely non-refundable which could easily lead to regretting deleting an account unless its necessary.

In conclusion, deleting a Nintendo account is a straightforward process but one that should take some consideration before completing. It’s important to make sure you know what you are doing and understand the implications it will have on your gaming experience – especially any online games or online purchases. If in doubt, consult with customer support for assistance.

By deleting the account, you will no longer be able to access your previous purchases or play online but all of your progress and save data will still be available after creating a new Nintendo account.