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What to do if your PS5 is not working as primary

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to activate your PlayStation 5 as your primary console. If you’re like most gamers, you’re probably eagerly awaiting the launch of the PS5 and are already planning which games you’ll be playing first on the next generation of gaming.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at all the steps necessary to make sure your shiny new console is set up correctly and ready for gaming success! So let’s get started!


Activating your PlayStation 5 as your primary PS5 console is an important step to take when using the next-gen console. The primary system status allows you to access all of your digital content, downloaded games, and data across other PlayStation systems and devices.

This tutorial will guide you through the steps of activating your PlayStation 5 as your primary console. Read on for full instructions on how to get started.

What is a Primary PS5?

A Primary PS5 is a PlayStation 5 console that has been activated as the main console for your account. Once your Primary PS5 is activated, it will remain the primary system for your account and any users who have access to games on it. All other interactive features like voice chat, party systems, Friends List and Trophy progress will also be associated with this system.

Activating a PS5 as your Primary console provides you with access to digital content from any account when that system is signed in on the console. This digital content includes purchased games, game updates and add-ons including season passes, virtual currency and more. Other features such as exclusive avatars and themes only available when you are signed into a specific system can all be accessed on the Primary PS5.

You can activate up to two consoles as a primary at any one time; however, players can only be signed into one of them at a given time, so keep that in mind if they are sharing it with others. To activate your PS5 as your Primary console or move an existing one as such, simply follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to PlayStation Network with the new or existing account
  2. Select Settings > Account
  3. Go to Activate As Your Primary PS5
  4. Select ‘OK’ and wait for activation confirmation message

How to activate ps5 as primary

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Activating your PlayStation 5 as the primary console associated with your PlayStation account is an easy and straightforward process. This will allow you to share games, saved data, and other purchases between multiple users. After all users that you plan to play games on have signed in and accepted the User Agreement, they’ll each be prompted to activate their console as the Primary PS5 system.

To begin this process, press the “Options” button on your DualSense controller while signed into your account. This will open a menu where you can find an option that reads “Activate as Your Primary PS5.” Select this option to confirm that you are okay with making your PS5 primary and granting access to a variety of content purchased with your account.

When complete, you and any other users who sign into your console should have access to any digital content previously purchased for this device with the associated Sony Entertainment Network Account. You also now have other features enabled such as:

  • automatic downloads or
  • remote downloads from any supported device (such as from a smartphone).

Whether at home or away from it, when connected to the same network you’ll be able to enjoy any recent purchases with no additional setup required!

Benefits of Setting Your PS5 as Primary

Many PlayStation 5 players may not know the advantages of setting their PS5 as primary on their console. Making your PS5 console primary ensures that all other associated accounts have access to the same content and features. Your primary account acts as a “first-in-line” for features such as playing games from physical or digital sources, tracking trophy progress, adjust account settings, and access certain multiplayer modes.

This also means that content purchased from the PlayStation Store can be shared amongst all users on the console without the need to switch accounts. All activities played on any account will be tracked in achievement history and rewarded appropriately accordingly regardless of which profile is used to access it. Players can continue with game downloads even after switching accounts, and you never have to worry about whether or not an update is necessary for a secondary user before playing a game.

In addition, keeping your PS5 console as a primary ensures that all users can participate in certain online multiplayer matches; games with specific Party Restrictions will require your primary profile to remain active on the console before joining or creating an online match. By having your console set as the primary system for each user profile, communication restrictions are lifted which allows party chat platforms (such as Discord) and multi-player lobbies to engage freely during gameplay sessions.

For those who plan on gaming together with friends or family members via remote play or across different consoles entirely, setting up a primary profile is also necessary due to its provide systems security measures and user verification process when signing into multiple Playstation Network accounts at once using one controller. Taking these steps ensure optimal performance while engaging with others online while also saving precious time setting up profiles later down the line.

How to Deactivate Your PS5 as Primary

Deactivating your PS5 as primary is an easy process that will allow you to play on different consoles using the same account. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  1. From the main home screen, select Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Account tab and select Family Management.
  3. Choose Console Activation and then choose Primary PS5 Console Deactivation.
  4. Confirm the deactivation by pressing ‘OK’ when prompted on the screen.

Once you’ve successfully deactivated your PS5 as primary, your account information is removed from that console and replaced with guest user data, allowing you to use your related account details on any other compatible console or device for online gaming activities like PlayStation Live Multiplayer gaming sessions or accessing other services like PlayStation Plus online multiplayer games and content sharing services such as Share Play.

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It is important to make sure that you have activated your PS5 as your ‘Primary‘ console in order to ensure that you can access all of the PlayStation Network features, such as downloading content, playing online and accessing your saved games.

To do this, simply go to Settings>System and select Activate as Primary PS5. You can only activate one console at a time, so make sure it is the right one. Once complete, you will be able to use this console live with the added benefits that come along with being a primary user on the PlayStation network.