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BOXhaul Dump Boxes and Accessories


Delivering materials where they need to be is essential in any construction project, and BOXhaul makes this easier, faster, and safer thanks to their innovative dump box design.

Self-dumping hopper containers

Steel self-dumping hoppers were specifically created with forklifts in mind and are equipped to discharge contents automatically when activated by release switches. You can click the link: to learn more about operating a fork lift.

Once full, they can be returned to a locked position so the forklift operator can continue with other tasks without refilling their container again. They’re perfect for industrial environments as they reduce worker strain injuries caused by manual lifting.

Hopper collectors are ideal for use in manufacturing facilities to collect scrap metal, sawdust and other manufacturing byproducts to reduce disposal costs while helping maintain a clean work environment. In recycling centers they help facilitate efficient sorting of recyclable materials.

These hoppers are constructed with durable steel that offers strength and resistance against wear-and-tear. That is why dump boxes have become so popular in construction today. Incorporating structural components like stiffeners and gussets to increase load-bearing capacity and stability. Their heavy-duty design enables these hoppers to withstand tough industrial environments with heavy loads for extended lifespan and lower maintenance costs.

These hoppers feature open fronts and/or sides to make loading materials into them simpler for workers, thus minimizing dangerous bending or lifting movements that could endanger facility employees.


Furthermore, some feature fork pockets allow easy fork truck mobility on smooth surfaces.

Fork pockets

A fork pocket is an invaluable accessory that makes maneuvering and positioning your BOXhaul safely with a forklift much simpler and safer. It prevents your trolley or container from slipping on the forks and prevents tipping to one side when driving over rough surfaces, saving both time and money over time.

Fork pockets are specifically designed to assist you with maneuvering security carts without using your hands. Perfect for handling long materials like plasma or laser skeletons, and for making long distance travel with a pallet jack easier. You can click here to learn more about OSHA safety regulations for this equipment.

Fork pockets from Hippo Industries are easy to install and constructed of premium steel with a premium powder coat finish for optimal results. Furthermore, these FDA-compliant fork pockets feature double-hinged hasps with padlock shackle diameter of 7/16″, double-hinged hasps to accept padlocks of 7/16″, left and right-hand front load containers being supported, along with trip handles and safety retaining chains to guarantee your safety when using these fork pockets.

Chain and hinge pin doors

Chain and hinge pin doors help increase the load capacity of your BOXhaul by preventing materials from spilling during loading or unloading. Furthermore, these durable accessories make transporting and positioning your self-dumping hopper box with a forklift easier – an essential accessory for roofing or demolition projects alike!

Pin hinges are among the simplest of all hinge mechanisms; they consist of simple rods made of brass (but sometimes wood dowels) that attach between the carcass and lid, enabling them to open together. A key element in contemporary box design, pin hinges are often employed when traditional hinges don’t work or when their appearance would compromise its overall design.

Pin hinges can be easily installed. To begin with, pre-drill holes partway through the carcass before assembly begins and drill mating holes for the pin in its lid once assembled – no glue is needed as this allows it to float in its respective holes!


Afterward, insert and trim and sand your hole flush against your carcass surface before inserting the pin into position and trimming and sanding as required for optimal functionality.

Based on your preference, hinge pin ends may remain visible or concealed. If you choose the latter option, there are various means of hiding them: one option would be lining the holes in the lid with brass tubing to protect against repeated pivoting action of the pin, or use a butt hinge, with its stud that mates into an opening in another leaf of the hinge.


BOXhaul offers a selection of accessories designed to maximize efficiency and safety with your BOXhaul system. The hinge pin door provides simple yet reliable material containment, while our fork pockets make transport and placement on job sites much simpler. In addition, mesh covers add another layer of security protection for your materials.

Make construction more efficient with our dump box carts, designed to make lifting materials and trash boxes to hard-to-reach locations simpler than ever. Built from lightweight material for maximum portability and with no common points of failure found in hydraulic systems, they save both time and money when handling materials on projects requiring heavy lifts – plus provide safer ways of handling trash debris, decreasing potential workplace injuries.