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6 Tips to Create a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design


The modern farmhouse aesthetic blends perfectly contemporary elements with the classic rustic design, and it can be a timeless choice for your kitchen. It is inspired by the countryside houses in Europe and its resurgence in 1989 with the modern term “shabby-chic.” This style brings rural lifestyle vibes, and it’s like a breath of fresh air in the chaotic city life. Understandably, this is not the case for everyone because most home design trends nowadays adopt a minimalist philosophy, so this design style is also a great way to stand out. Bright colors, natural stones, wood elements, open shelving, and vintage furniture are just a few aspects that define this beautiful design. So, if you are ready to start your makeover process, here are 6 valuable tips for creating a modern farmhouse design for your cooking space:

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Go for Bright Colours

To create a farmhouse design, you should opt for bright colours like baby blue, pink, green, and yellow to breathe life into your kitchen and showcase your personality. This design is not just about aesthetics. Colors play a crucial role in home design because they have the power to set the atmosphere of a room, and opting for bright hues can give a sense of vitality and enhance your overall well-being and mood. You can integrate country colors for walls or consider a backsplash for some areas of the room. However, you can enhance the modern look by opting for pearly-white walls and adding a touch of color to cabinetry. Consider playing with multiple shades to create contrast and add depth to the kitchen, which is an essential aspect, especially for smaller spaces.

Opt for Shaker-style Cabinetry

Shaker-style cabinetry is one of the most important elements of the farmhouse design. These cabinets are known for their box-shaped appearance, which fits seamlessly with any other kitchen furniture piece. They have a remarkable design that is both simple and unique, thanks to their straight lines, light finishes, and inset doors. Shaker cabinets are also durable since they’re made with high-quality materials like wood.


 You can opt for a glossy look for a plus of modernity or go fully traditional with a matte finish. Furthermore, they come with plenty of storage, so, besides being chich, they are also functional. Commonly, shaker cabinets can be easily painted, so if you feel crafty enough, you can get creative and add a touch of color to your room.

Bring in Vintage Furniture

Integrating some vintage pieces of furniture in your kitchen is a great way to complete your farmhouse design. Antique furniture can add a feeling of warmth to your room, making your space more welcoming. Moreover, it’s also a budget-friendly option when you are not willing to spend money on additional pieces. By bringing in timeless elements, you can also mix modernism with historical beauty, which is the main aspect that stands at the core of the style you are going for. You can buy a hutch, cabinets, chairs, or table, and it would be best if you opt for hardwood to enhance the rustic atmosphere. These unique treasures can be found in vintage and antique shops online or even in second-hand stores in your city.

Include an Island

The island is one of the most useful features you can have in your kitchen. Also, it’s a great element to give the classic farmhouse style a modern twist, replacing the traditional table. Based on the space available, you should position your island to ease traffic. This piece combines functionality with design, as it may serve multiple purposes thanks to the wide countertop’s surface. For instance, you can use it for cooking or as a dining table, and consider installing a sink to make the most out of your space. Furthermore, you benefit from additional storage space, which is essential to store all your utensils without creating a mess. It would most likely be the focus point of your kitchen so that you can opt for a touch of color to highlight its beauty.

Integrate Natural Elements

Natural elements like stone, wood, and metals are incorporated into the farmhouse design to improve the country living style. Wood cabinetry, furniture, ceiling, and even hardwood flooring are some great ideas for integrating this durable material into your kitchen. Also, consider new kitchen doors to ensure a makeover that stands the test of time. Natural stones are another common aspect of this design, and, together with wood, they create the perfect balance between vintage accents and modern outlines.


For example, the most popular stones are marble, quartz, or granite, which you can use for countertops to create a sleek and luxurious look. Also, vice-versa, you can try stone flooring and opt for woodwork surfaces. The possibilities are endless; it’s up to you to figure out the best way to create balance. To complete the natural concept, you can also add metallic finishes for handles and water fixtures.

Consider Open Shelving

Open shelving is more than a storage space solution in the farmhouse design. It represents a traditional concept of decoration that homeowners embrace to beautifully display their kitchen utensils, plates, and accessories, adopting the idea of the 1900 English houses. You can DIY the floating kitchen shelves for a few dollars, buy wood materials, or paint them to your liking to match the aesthetic of the room. You can decorate them with vintage accessories and choose to bring nature indoors, adding some greenery.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article inspires you to create a beautiful modern farmhouse design for your kitchen. Remember that trends come and go, but if you choose to blend old with new styles, you can create a timeless aesthetic. Also, your personal touch is crucial to make your house feel like home, so make sure you integrate elements that showcase your personality.