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Shiplap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Shiplap is a rustic, yet refined material that adds unique character and charm to any kitchen renovation. Its traditional appeal and timeless, classic design make shiplap an eye-catching and beautiful addition to any kitchen.

Shiplap consists of long wooden boards that are usually milled with interlocking grooves along the board’s length. These grooves fit together snugly, allowing them to be cut in uniform sizes that can be easily stacked or arranged on walls or ceilings. Although traditionally used for interior wainscoting, this versatile material can be used creatively for a variety of different looks in a kitchen space.

Whether you’re looking for an accent wall, a full paneled feature wall, an island countertop statement piece, or just some different design ideas to switch up your space – shiplap is a great option that can give your kitchen style and texture. In this guide we will explore some exciting ways to incorporate shiplap into your next DIY or professional kitchen renovation project!

Preparing for a Shiplap Kitchen Renovation

If you’re considering a shiplap kitchen renovation, you’re likely looking for ways to create a chic and timeless look in your kitchen. While the right materials and accessories are essential, the key to success is ensuring that you have the right plan in place before beginning.

From selecting the best shiplap materials to finding the right contractor, there are several steps to take before you begin your renovation project:

  • Select the best shiplap materials.
  • Find the right contractor.
  • Create a plan and timeline.
  • Prepare the space.
  • Install the shiplap.
  • Accessorize and style the space.
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Identify your budget

Before beginning the shiplap kitchen renovation process, it is important to identify your budget. This exercise will help you determine what type of materials and labor costs you can expect and plan accordingly. Taking a look at your finances is also key in order to determine the scope of your project. Knowing what you have set aside for the shiplap kitchen renovation will give you an indication of which materials and labor costs can fit within your budget.

When outlining your budget, it’s important to account for unexpected costs that may arise throughout the renovation process. It’s also beneficial to leave room in the budget in order to ensure that any unforeseeable complications can still be accommodated during the renovation project. Keeping track of all expenses is especially essential if this is a DIY project since there are often additional materials used along the way or alternate solutions needed when unforeseen issues occur.

Taking into consideration all potential costs ahead of time and having an idea of where your budget needs to be for each stage will help better manage expectations and be realistic with what can be accomplished with a given amount of money. Outlining your estimated budget from start to finish will also make it easier when it comes time to analyze contractors’ bids or collaborate with others on a shared project; all parties have an idea straight out of the gate as to how much they need within their respective goals in order for everyone involved to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Measure the space

Before you can begin your shiplap installation, you must measure the space to ensure that the planks fit properly and that there is no gaps when they are installed.

Start by measuring the width of the wall, recording it in increments on paper and then lay out planks in a staggered pattern as they would appear after installation. The overlapping areas between each plank should equal ¼ inch’s joints.

When measuring for length, it’s important to include the lumber widths minus 1/16 inch’s for expansion; this will allow for any natural expansion or contraction of wood due to extreme temperature or humidity changes. You should also consider the direction of light and shadows when determining where to place each plank, as this will affect how visible or seamless any seams appear after installation.

After getting your measurements, write down all measurements on paper and double-check them before purchasing supplies from your local hardware store. Having accurate measurements is key to achieving a successful shiplap kitchen renovation project!

Choose a design style

When getting ready for a shiplap kitchen renovation, there are many design options to consider and create your perfect space. A great starting point is to determine what overall aesthetic you want the kitchen to have and work from there. Consider which colors, finishes, cabinetry style, appliances, and other elements you want to combine to create the look you desire.

One of the key points in designing a shiplap kitchen is picking the right materials that will reflect your overall desired style. Whether you choose contemporary elements like high-gloss black finishes and sleek lines or go for classic farmhouse charm with distressed cabinets and exposed beams, it’s important to select materials that will support this vision. Wood paneling and shiplap are an especially stylish way to add texture without sacrificing functionality or practicality in a kitchen.

The options also extend beyond just paint colors – think about statement pieces like pendant lighting fixtures or unique tile backsplash designs that tie into the overall theme of your space. A great kitchen renovation includes all these details working together seamlessly – no detail should look out of place while still showcasing the distinct features that make it stand out from other kitchens.

With careful planning and consideration, you can create an incredibly inviting space with a stunning shiplap design that looks beautiful for years to come!

Where to Purchase Shiplap for Kitchen Renovation

Thinking of renovating your kitchen and want to incorporate shiplap? Shiplap is becoming an increasingly popular choice for kitchen renovations due to its ability to bring a rustic, classic look to the room. But where should you purchase shiplap for your kitchen renovation?

There are a number of options available, from hardware stores to online retailers. Let’s explore some of the best places to buy shiplap for your kitchen renovation:

Home Improvement Stores

When planning your shiplap kitchen renovation, one of the first places to consider is home improvement stores. These stores offer a variety of lumber, supplies and tools to get the job done right. Products often include wood planks in differing sizes such as 1×4 or 2×8, which are great for shiplap walls. Trim pieces such as baseboards and crown molding are also available, if needed.

Home improvement stores are usually knowledgeable about the supplies needed for a shiplap project and typically have an entire department devoted to do-it-yourselfers looking for advice and help on their kitchen renovations. Therefore, it’s important to talk with the associates about your plans before making a list of what you need to complete the project. Also be sure to double check prices at other places before committing to make a purchase from these stores.

Online Retailers

Online shopping sites offer a vast selection of shiplap for use in kitchen renovations. Many of these retailers feature shiplap in various widths, colors, and textures. Popular online retailers for purchasing shiplap materials for kitchen renovation include Home Depot and Lowe’s, both of which carry a wide variety of styles to choose from. Other online websites that specialize in home improvement and building supplies include Menards and Habitat for Humanity ReStores, where you can often find gently-used or surplus materials at discounted prices.

When shopping online for your kitchen renovation project, it’s important to consider the measurements of the space you are working with as well as any specific requirements prior to making your purchase. Factors such as color, texture preference and overall cost should also be taken into consideration when selecting an appropriate shiplap material for your project needs.

Local Lumber Yards

Local lumber yards and building supply stores are among the best places to buy shiplap for a kitchen renovation. This type of wood planks can be purchased in several sizes, from thin boards to wide boards, allowing for a variety of design and visual effects for your space.

When you shop for shiplap locally, you are offered a selection of softwood and hardwood materials. You may find popular wood species such as pine, spruce, cedar, walnut, cherry or oak. While some suppliers offer just pre-finished pieces, others will have unfinished planks that you can paint or stain according to your preference.

It is recommended that when purchasing shiplap at a local lumber yard or building supply store that you take the time to inspect your choices in person rather than buying online due to the odds of selecting pieces with too many knots or flaws. If you’re planning on painting the wood paneling make sure to factor in any exposed knots into your color scheme as it can create additional visual interest in your design project.

Finally, don’t forget about traditional paneling on classic materials like wainscoting trims that are available for added texture and personality in your kitchen renovation project!

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Shiplap Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with a shiplap renovation? Shiplap is a type of wood paneling that adds a unique, rustic charm to any space. It can be purchased at most hardware stores and home improvement stores, and it comes in a variety of materials and colors to fit any style.

In this article, we’ll explore some stylish shiplap kitchen renovation ideas to help you get started on your own kitchen makeover project.

Shiplap Backsplash

A shiplap backsplash adds a rustic, coastal look to any kitchen remodel. Shiplap backsplashes are usually made of horizontal tongue-and-groove planks that interlock together on the edges and run up the wall in a tight, vertical pattern. It’s an economical choice when compared to stone or tile and relatively easy to install.

Shiplap backsplashes can be used alone or combined with other materials such as tile, beadboard, or metal accents like copper sheeting. Be sure to choose a moisture resistant board for areas where there will be more contact with splashes and spills, such as behind the sink.

The classic white washed wood look is common in shiplap kitchen renovations, but don’t think this is your only option – feel free to get creative with paint colors to match your kitchen’s color scheme. Other finishes such as rustic gray and weathered wood are great for adding texture and dimension without straying too far from the classic appeal of shiplap boards.

Shiplap isn’t just for traditional-style kitchens – you can also use it in modern spaces by pairing it with edgy metallic tones like bronze and stainless steel appliances. Take advantage of its affordability by creating a full-wall feature out of contrasting colors or overlapping boards of different shapes and sizes for texture and interest. You can even create your own distinct design patterns by playing around with orientations or alternating lengths in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Once you’ve completed your shiplap project, consider adding finishing touches like trim pieces around windows or appliances – these serve both functional protection purposes but also complete the look of your finished product!

Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap accent walls are a classic farmhouse look, but you’re not limited to just the traditional white planks. From dark and moody hues to cool shades of blues, you can get creative with color. Plus, shiplap makes a great focal point in any room. A darker wall will really stand out – especially if you pair it with other natural elements like white cabinets and warm wood floors. Or, consider an accent wall painted in shades of blue for an ocean-inspired feel.

Shiplap is also a great way to add texture to a kitchen. Try installing the boards horizontally instead of vertically for a modern twist – or mix and match patterns for even more visual interest. And if you want to take the rustic look up another level, consider adding exposed beams for extra warmth or wooden countertops for a super cozy look.

No matter which way you decide to go with your shiplap kitchen renovation ideas, make sure to check out our other tips before beginning your DIY project – from prepping the walls correctly to calculating how much material you need, we’ll help get your renovation off on the right foot!

Shiplap Island

Using shiplap walls as the main backdrop to your kitchen remodel is one of the most popular ideas for traditional and contemporary designs alike. Adding a shiplap island in the same material allows you to create a seamless transition point between wall space and counter space, creating an inviting look for your kitchen. This island can also be used as a functional space for meal prep, bar seating, or additional storage.

When choosing a shiplap material for your kitchen, select a product that is designed with moisture-resistant properties that will withstand daily wear-and-tear from meal prep and cleanup. Shiplap islands are typically installed onto preexisting freestanding cabinetry or custom-built countertops. For best results, use specialized joinery clamps or pocket screws and heavy-duty adhesive to ensure secure installation.

If you’re looking to make the most of your available wall space, consider installing additional shelving on opposite sides of the shiplap island but measuring carefully beforehand to ensure accuracy and structural support.

Shiplap Ceiling

Shiplap ceilings have gained in popularity as a kitchen renovation trend in recent years, and for good reason – not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also easy to install and maintain. Shiplap is especially ideal for remodeling your kitchen as it’s incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from walls to ceiling accents. When added to your kitchen ceiling, shiplap gives the space a cottage-like feel that is both soothing and timeless.

Although standard wood planks are often chosen for shiplap ceilings, you can also use metal or other materials like vinyl or Ply Gem vinyl siding plank boards. To install a shiplap ceiling, you will need some basic construction tools such as a saw and level along with several hours of patience. The bonus of using wood boards is that they are quick to install over existing drywall or plywood. However, using any other material will require significant additional preparations, such as covering existing surfaces before installation.

Once you’ve decided whether to use standard boards or other materials like vinyl, then you’ll need to determine the size of the finished product relative to your desired width and length of shiplap finishings. This can depend on the style of kitchen you’re going for – opt for wider planks for a modern vibe or smaller ones for a more traditional look – as well as the level of sound absorption desired from the renovation project.

After cutting your chosen panels according to size and shape requirements, then affix them with nails or screws into either exposed joists (if possible) or vertical supports secured between joists instead. Finally apply paintable caulking around each panel before painting them according to personal preference or décor choice within your kitchen space!


When it comes to a shiplap kitchen renovation, be sure to consider your goals and options carefully before making a decision about installation. Shiplap can add warmth, texture, and vintage charm to your kitchen space. With so many style possibilities available, it is easy to find the perfect look for your own kitchen.

No matter what type of shiplap you choose – reclaimed wood or imitation – installation is key in creating the very best look. The right combination of accessories and finishes will take your shiplap kitchen renovation project to the next level. Be sure to explore all of your options and get creative with color, texture, and details in order to make your dream kitchen come alive!