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What to do with your recorded gameplay on ps4

Are you a gamer that’s looking to stop recording your PS4 gameplay? Well, don’t worry! In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps you need to take to stop recording on your PS4 and get back to gaming as usual. So let’s kick off things right – game on!

  1. Turn off Auto Record in the Settings menu.
  2. Turn off the Share button in your profile.
  3. Disable the “Share” button on your controller.
  4. Disable the Record That feature in the Settings menu.
  5. Disable the Broadcasting feature in the Settings menu.


The Ps4 video recorder allows users to record their favorite gaming moment for later enjoyment. This guide will provide simple step by step instructions on how to stop recording your gameplay on PS4. Read on to find out more.

Your Ps4 records your videos in .mp4 format and stores them in the capture gallery. When you’re finished recording, there are a few steps you must take in order to properly end the recording session and save your games progress and any editing settings applied during recording.

  • Make sure you have completed all of the necessary steps such as archiving a clip or adding tags to your videos as this cannot be done after the recording is stopped.

Understanding the Basics of PS4 Recording

When it comes to recording on your PlayStation 4, there are a few basic steps to follow. To start, make sure you have the latest version of the Share button feature on your PS4. Once you confirm that is in place, you will want to choose the type of capture settings you’d like to use. Finally, it’s time to start recording! Here’s a quick guide on understanding the basics of PS4 recording and how to stop it:

  1. Before Recording: Double-check that your Share settings are set up properly for what type of recording (e.g., screenshots, gameplay clips or video) you want to do and customize any other settings as desired before starting the capture process.
  2. Start Recording: All it takes is one push of the Share button during gameplay and your recording will start right away. You can also manually begin a clip with pre-running footage by pressing both SHIFT+F2 keys at once if desired.
  3. Stop Recording: When you’re ready to finish your recording session just hit the same button used for starting (the Share button) or press SHIFT+F2 again if manually started from pre-running footage was enabled. Once stopped, all video content will be saved in 1080p/30fps format and accessible under Video Clip or Capture Gallery inside Settings/Sharing & Broadcasts section in main menu bar at top left corner of screen.
  4. Posting Recorded Footage or Screenshots: With recorded clips/screenshots available directly inside PlayStation system menus, users may choose between posting footage/screenshots across various social media platforms like YouTube or Twitter immediately from their console using standard PSN options accessible via main menu bar when not in game mode (ease noted above).

Preparing to Stop Recording on PS4

Before you begin the process of how to stop recording on PS4, there are some preparatory steps that you should take. First, make sure that your recording equipment is properly set up and connected. This will ensure that everything is working as expected.

Once your PS4 console and recording equipment are ready, it’s time to launch the Share menu. To launch this menu, press the Share button on the DualShock 4 controller of your PS4 console. The Share menu can also be accessed by pressing the Options button while in a game.

Once in the Share Menu, check for the Start/Stop video capture option or press the Options button on your controller or joystick to begin or end a video recording session manually. If you don’t see an option to start/stop recordings from within this menu then it most likely means that you have already begun a session of video capture prior to launching this menu and must now proceed with steps for stopping a PS4 video recording session instead of starting one.

How to stop recording on ps4

Manual recording: To manually start and end recordings on PS4, navigate to your console’s System Settings > Sharing and Broadcast. Under Broadcast Settings, select SHARE Button Control Type and choose either Manual for manual recordings or Stop Automatically for recordings that will shut off after the allotted amount of time (choose from 15 minutes or 30 minutes). When this is set up, press the share button to begin recording and press it again when you are finished. Automatic Recording (Stop Automatically): Select Stop Automatically under SHARE Button Control Type in Broadcast Settings. Choose either 15-minute or 30-minute limit after which the share operation will stop automatically if no further user input is made with the SHARE button during that length of time. Pressing the Share Button again after auto-recording ceases will return these settings to manual mode.

Gallery control: You can also manage game capture in your Capture Gallery by selecting an item from the list of Recording Clips at any time during gameplay. Once highlighted, use Options (O) on PlayStation controllers pause and/or disable game capture entirely at any point in a recording session until reactivated later by pushing Options (O) again on select clip item in Capture Gallery menu seen within main Home menu of Playstation4 console system Screen User Interface Hub/Dashboard for Playstation4 user.

Once you have finished recording your gameplay session, it’s time to conclude the process. To end your recording, head to the Capture Gallery on your PlayStation 4 Dashboard and select the clip that you just took. You will then see an option entitled “Share,” which will provide a range of options for what you can do with your clip.

  • Choose the “Stop Recording” option from those given
  • Your recording should now be saved to a folder titled “Capture Gallery” inside of your dashboard
  • View, edit or share it with friends or online

As long as you followed these simple steps correctly, you should be all set when it comes to creating great gameplay videos on your PlayStation 4 – happy capturing!