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What You’ll Need to activate primary ps 5

Are you ready to take your gaming experience to the next level? With the recent launch of the PlayStation 5, there has never been a better time to upgrade your gaming setup. In this blog, we’ll walk you through how to get your primary PS5 up and running – so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


The primary PlayStation 5 console is the main console that you plan to use and it will come with a pre-activated PlayStation Network (PSN) account. This means you can set up and start using your PS5 straight away. If you bought another PS5 as a secondary console, or want to activate a new console, or need to re-activate an existing one, here’s how.

Once your PS5 is set up on your home network and connected to the internet, you must first sign in with a valid PlayStation Network (PSN) account. Depending on whether the account was previously used with another Sony Entertainment Network compatible device, such as PlayStation 4, or not:

  1. If it has been used:
    • Simply sign into PSN with your existing account details and click ‘Activate‘ on the new system when prompted. If successful, this will become your Primary PS5 Console.
  1. If it has not been used before:
    • Create a new PSN account following all necessary steps provided during registration in order to activate your Primary PS5 Console. During these steps make sure you select ‘Activate as Primary Console‘ when prompted; otherwise the activation process won’t be successful and the console cannot be used for online content or multiplayer gaming until successfully activated.

Overview of the PS5

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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is the latest gaming console from Sony, a follow-up to the popular PlayStation 4. It features improved hardware architecture and expanded capabilities, giving gamers a larger selection of titles with shorter loading times, higher resolution graphics, and immersive real-time gameplay. The PS5 also introduces the revolutionary DualSense controller that enables haptic feedback for an even more realistic gaming experience.

To get your PS5 running for the first time, there are a few setup steps you need to take—and you’ll want to make sure you have everything ready to go before taking that plunge!

Before getting started with your PS5 activation process, be sure that you have all of the necessary accessories and peripherals required for use with the system. These include:

  • A power cord
  • A HDMI cable
  • A DualSense controller
  • A PS Plus account (if desired)

You’ll also need a stable internet connection in order to activate your system. Once you’ve gathered all these pieces together, it’s time to start activating your new console! With these basics out of the way, let’s take a look at how you can set up your PlayStation 5 in no time!

How to activate primary ps5

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This step-by-step guide will show you how to activate the primary PS5 and get it up and running. To begin, you will need your primary PS5 console, a power cable, an HDMI cable, a game of your choice, a router connected to the internet (if using Wi-Fi) and any necessary account information.

  1. Locate the power button on the back of your primary PS5 console. Insert one end of the power cable into this port, then plug the power cable into an outlet. Power on your console by pressing and holding in its power button for several seconds.
  2. Attach one end of the HDMI cable to your TV’s HDMI port. Then attach the other end to your PS5’s HDMI input port on its back panel.
  3. Select language option from the menu that appears on screen. Select ‘Continue’ after making your selection in order to move onto creating an account or signing into an existing account via Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) or PlayStation Network (PSN). Follow all prompts indicated by either account creation process prior to moving on with setup process.
  4. Once logged into either platform previously chosen in step 3, ensure that any Terms and Conditions have been accepted before moving forward with setup process. If not yet accepted, navigate to relevant page in settings section of either SEN or PSN platforms and accept versions appropriate for console model number as indicated thereon before continuing set up procedures with next steps as follows…

Tips for Troubleshooting Activation Issues

Before attempting to activate your PlayStation 5, you should make sure to power cycle the console. To do this, press and hold the PlayStation button on the controller until you see the light bar begin to flash. Then, unplug the power cord from both the console and wall socket and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Next, try following these steps to troubleshoot any activation issues:

  1. Check that your DualSense controllers are turned on by pressing and holding their PlayStation buttons until they flash
  2. Make sure that both your console and controller are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  3. Check for updates for your PS5 console by choosing Settings > System > System Software Updates. If there are any available updates, install them
  4. In case you’re using a wired connection, ensure that it is connected correctly
  5. Press on ‘Activate as Your Primary PS5’ from within Settings
  6. Toggle off Cloud Storage by going into Settings > Save Data Management > Select Applicable Usage Environment > Turn off “Enable Cloud Storage”

Now that you know how to activate/link your primary PS5 console and manage your accounts, you are ready to start gaming. Keep in mind that you will need to add other family members or friends who want to access your primary console as users. You will also need to choose a payment method for monthly subscriptions and digital downloads before you can start playing online.

The process of linking the PS5 console and activating the primary user is not difficult, but we recommend you go through it carefully to make sure everything is done properly. Following the same steps described above and ensuring that all information is set up correctly, will save you time, frustration, and possibly money in the future.