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Why you Should Organize your Closet by Color

Are you tired of your closet being in disarray? Do you wish you could find your favorite pieces in the blink of an eye without having to search through a pile of clothes? If so, then organizing your closet by color is the perfect solution.

Organizing by color creates easy-to-find order that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Not only will it keep your wardrobe looking tidy, but it will make getting dressed much faster. From bright hues to subtle pastels, sorting clothes according to their shades is sure to save you time and money! Here are some reasons why organizing your clothes by color is worth doing:

  1. Color organization can make finding an outfit much easier – Clothing organized by hue allows for quick outfit choices since all coordinating pieces will be located in one group. This makes it simple to review what you have at a glance, so putting together quick, trendy looks is a breeze!
  2. It’s easy on the eyes – Neatly arranged clothing arranged by shade looks incredibly inviting and exciting compared to an unruly pile of mismatched colors!
  3. Maximize wardrobe efficiency – When everything hangs with its like-colors together like stripes and solids, it’s easier to know what items are present in the closet which saves time when getting dressed. Additionally, when it’s clear how many items are in each color family this helps prevent shopping mistakes and encourages creative use of what’s already owned as opposed to always wanting something new!

Benefits of Organizing Closets by Color

Organizing your closet by color can be a great way to make the most out of your space and create a beautiful and organized wardrobe. This method of organizing is often overlooked, but it has a number of benefits that can make it worth your while.

From improved visibility to easy outfit coordination, organizing by color can be a great tool for anyone looking to maximize their closet space.

  • Improved visibility
  • Easy outfit coordination

Easier to Find Clothes

Organizing your closet by color is an effective way to make it easier to find the clothes that you need quickly and efficiently. Because colors often denote a certain style, grouping items together by color helps you easily access what you’re looking for. Clothes can be sorted into categories on their hangers or grouped in baskets or drawers that are placed according to color. This strategy also helps create visually pleasing displays, adding to a more attractive main bedroom area.

When colors are organized in a rainbow effect this can help improve mental clarity and focus. It makes it much easier for you to pick out the correct outfit since colors go together naturally and quickly help narrow down the choices for your selected look of the day. Keeping wardrobe options closely coordinated by color also reduces stress because deciding on clothing is made easier when colors match and pieces look well put-together from the start.

In summary, organizing closets by color can help make life simpler while also creating an overall more positive mood in both yourself and your loved ones who frequent your bedroom space.

More Visually Appealing

Organizing your closet by color can transform a cluttered mess into an incredibly visually-appealing space. It can also make getting dressed easier and eliminate frustration over what to wear. Instead of sifting through piles of clothing, you’re able to easily survey all of your wardrobe options at a glance and select from the colors or patterns that most appeal to you.

Organizing by color also creates an effortless way of grouping items together. You can opt for an all-white wardrobe section in one corner, with bold colors in the opposite corner, making dressing quick and easy with coordinating pieces that always look great together. Using the same method, if you know you want to put on something flowy today, simply go for the lavender corner and pick out something that inspires you.

Having everything sorted by color gives your closet a pleasing symmetry and balance throughout – instead of a chaotic assortment of items thrown together from various parts of your home. It allows you to avoid being overwhelmed with choices each morning while still giving you plenty of freedom to experiment when creating new looks out of old clothing pieces or accessorizing with additional items already within reach on its shelves.

Improved Closet Space Efficiency

When you decide to organize your closet by color, you will be able to immediately spot items that go together and build outfits faster. Taking the time and effort to create a color-coordinated closet helps you make more efficient use of your available space by allowing you to quickly locate items based on the color scheme. A thoughtfully organized closet can help maximize clothing choices and eliminate poor choices due to time effectively wasted in searching for such items.

Through organizing by color, you can easily view how much of each item (or type of item) is present in your closet and determine if there needs to be adjustments made in order to better utilize the space. You’ll also save valuable time when it comes to getting dressed in the morning or packing for trips since all pieces will be easy encountered visually. As an example, if it where all blues are grouped together, a navy shirt with light blue denim jeans or navy blazer with navy dress pants will stand out immediately when searching the organized closets instead of randomly rifling through different depths and widths of hangers that carry different colors – possibly reducing decision making doubt caused from an unpolished search due to lack of harmony amongst garment pairings not currently being visible.

Organizing any closet by color helps free up additional organizational tools such as shelving space for purses, scarves etc., as well as providing a feature wall for additional organization with hooks or mountable rods that add extra storage options outside their respective closets. Regardless of size, organizing one’s wardrobe into related colors allows for more savings in doing so; creating aesthetic satisfaction needed that reduces decision fatigue caused by forced choice amongst garments not related whether it may be based on seasons changing or simple lack thereof from improper organization within one’s lifestyle which in turn greatly optimizes wardrobe accessibility options through improved visual optimization of all furniture spaces reserved for wardrobes spaces (both hanging/standing).

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How to Organize Closets by Color

Organizing your closet by color can be a great way to enhance the look of your wardrobe. Not only does it make your closet look more visually appealing, but it also makes it easier to find what you are looking for. When you organize your closet by color, you can quickly and easily spot the items you are looking for without having to search through piles of clothes.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of organizing your closet by color and how to do it effectively:

Sort Clothes by Color

Organizing your closet by color is a simple, easy way to maximize space and minimize the time it takes you to get dressed. Plus, it provides a visually pleasing way to keep your wardrobe neat and organized. Here are some tips for organizing your coats, shirts, pants, skirts and other outerwear by hue:

  • Start sorting: Begin the process of organizing by sorting clothes into separate piles of similar colors. This will give you an idea of which hues dominate in your wardrobe. If you have a lot of items in one color (perhaps even enough for several bins or baskets), label them as one color group before assembly.
  • Choose bins or baskets: Choose containers that fit together well with the same dimensions that are stackable and open on the front for easy visibility. Label each container with its respective color for easier retrieval – don’t forget about those neutrals! You can also choose drawers instead if this is a better option for you.
  • Hang or fold clothing: Depending on what type of items need to go in their designated containers – coats, shirts, pants, skirts – determine what method works best for you; hanging or folding always works best when dealing with bulkier items like sweaters and jeans so they don’t take up too much space in each container/drawer/basket ultimately leading to overcrowding.
  • Categorize secondary colors: Since most people’s collections involve tertiary and quaternary shades like beige, lavender, yellow-green etc., make sure they have a safe place too! Choose another container such as a tray or open basket at the top (or side) where all these miscellaneous hues can stay grouped together but separated from the primary groups of blacks, blues, reds etc.

Group Similar Colors Together

Organizing your closet by color is an incredibly effective way to make your wardrobe feel more organized, put-together and aesthetically pleasing. By grouping associated colors together, you can more easily find the items of clothing you’re looking for and also create beautiful compositions with your clothing. Additionally, by sticking to a well-thought-out organization scheme (such as organizing soft colors like pink and lavender together in one area, followed by cooler colors on the opposite end of the spectrum) you can easily achieve a composed feel in your closet.

Your color organization scheme should depend on personal preference but generally start off with white items as it often acts as a neutral foundation for other hues. Then move on to neutrals or monochrome pieces such as black or cream/beige shades. Once you have identified these base tones, work on sorting garments according to warm and cold tones – balancing vivid reds next to paler purples, oranges near muted yellows etc. This will make it easier to quickly spot which section has the right attire for whatever occasion or event you plan attend!

Another factor when organizing by color is understanding how light affects clothing color tone and intensity—you want to be able to select an outfit that complements its environment since lighting can dramatically affect our perception of hue. Have natural light fill in parts of your closet so that when selecting clothes—especially non-monochrome ones—you won’t be shocked at how they truly look in different lightings later on!

It may take some time upfront but eventually sorting clothes according to colour will become second nature – allowing you quick access from daywear or nightwear – making all those rushed mornings before work much less chaotic!

Hang Clothes in Color Order

Organizing your closet by color helps you quickly locate an article of clothing when you need it. It is also a visually appealing way to store your garments. To hang clothes in color order, start at the one end of the closet and hang items from lightest to darkest shades. Hang each item within its corresponding color family and move on progressively darker colors from top to bottom.

Light-colored garments, such as white, pale pink, pale yellow, or baby blue should go at the top of the closet space so you can easily distinguish them from dark colors. Start your clothes collection by gathering together items that have similar hues – for instance, pastel pinks – and hang them in order from lightest to darkest shade in a cluster near the start point. Continue down the line with brighter shades of pink and onto purples, blues etc before circling back around to pastels on the opposite end. Finish up with any dark colors like navy blue or black at the very bottom of your closet space.

The best way to keep track of what goes where is to snap a quick picture before you begin moving garments around so when you get towards the end of this task you’ll know exactly where everything belongs – like a visual checklist! Additionally, if it helps make things easier for you, switching out standard hangers with colorful ones that correspond with each garment can be beneficial too as they will stand out against all your clothing items making it easier for you to find individual pieces faster.

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Use Clear Storage Bins for Accessories

Organizing your closet by color is an excellent way to maximize space, as well as visually organize your clothing and accessories. By grouping items of the same color together, you can quickly find what you’re looking for instead of rummaging through your closet. To make this process easier, it is advised to use clear storage bins to store the items of each hue. This way, when you need an item you can easily see which bin holds it and won’t have to open all bins until the right one is found.

When purchasing storage bins, remember that they should be large enough to accommodate all the items but not so big that it takes up too much space in your closet. Labeling bins by color can help keep them organized and make for quicker retrieval time. Also ensure that lids are secure so that contents stay inside with no mess spilling out into the closet when lifting them up. Clear plastic boxes may also allow you to easily spot any item that has been misplaced in a different area of the closet and put them back in its proper spot without disrupting other items in the bin.


In conclusion, there are many benefits to organizing your closet by color. It gives your space an overall feeling of cleanliness and organization, while allowing you to quickly locate the items you need. It also makes styling outfits more efficient since colors are easier to differentiate and blend. Lastly, it allows you to appreciate the color palette of your wardrobe more clearly since all colors are grouped together.

With a bit of time and dedication, organizing your closet by color can truly revolutionize the way you store and accessorize in the morning!

  • Gives your space an overall feeling of cleanliness and organization
  • Makes styling outfits more efficient
  • Allows you to appreciate the color palette of your wardrobe more clearly