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Why did GlobalBees raise $150M in Series A funding?

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GlobalBees, a startup building a Thrasio-like house of brands, recently raised $150M in a Series A round of funding. Coatue Management and existing investors, including 8VC, Atreides Management, and HOF Capital led this round.

The funding will build a unified commerce platform for brands to manage their full omnichannel presence and access integrated services.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of this funding round.

Overview of GlobalBees

GlobalBees is a cutting-edge tech company that has revolutionised beekeeping using innovative sensors, automated systems and a combination of software and hardware products. Founded in 2020, the company combines its deep understanding of bee behaviour, data and analytics to collect crucial data on bee health, helping professional and backyard beekeepers improve colony health while lowering operational costs.

GlobalBees’ mission is to transform sustainable crop production through managed pollination systems powered by science. Through their technology, their customers can better monitor their bee colonies’ health, understand what feed products are needed for each pollinator species, reduce labour costs associated with manual colony management processes and access real-time actionable insights about how changes in environmental conditions affect different pollinator species.

The Series A round of funding GlobalBees recently secured provided industry validation for their groundbreaking work toward transforming the future of sustainable food production. These funds will be used for further research and development activities related to data analysis and improving GlobalBee’s software platform, expanding its customer base by introducing new innovative solutions to enable smart agriculture worldwide, as well as accelerating into new markets.

Overview of Thrasio

Founded in 2018, Thrasio is a leading e-commerce company focusing on acquiring existing brands and companies in the Marketplace. Headquartered in Boston, MA, the company acquires established Amazon Marketplace businesses, replicates their business models using proprietary technology and analytics tools to give itself an edge over its competition.

Funding from Thrasio’s Series A round of $150M was announced in August 2020. The investment was led by General Atlantic and Francisco Partners, with participation from Wells Fargo Strategic Capital and Vulcan Capital.

The funds from the Series A round will be used to accelerate Thrasio’s growth through strategic acquisitions and operational improvements for its acquired portfolio of businesses. In addition, Thrasio plans to use the funds for long-term capital investments that will enable it to innovate, grow faster and scale its operations more efficiently across multiple countries worldwide. These investments could include ramping up sales teams’ resources, developing proprietary technologies and expanding international operations as needed.

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GlobalBees’s Growth

GlobalBees is a commerce-as-a-service company that has recently raised $150M in Series A funding. This will give GlobalBees the financial resources needed to build a Thrasio-like house of brands.

In this article, we will explore GlobalBees’s growth story, and why the company has seen such success.

Growing e-commerce market

The e-commerce market has rapidly grown in recent years as online shopping has become many people’s habitual way of life. This shift has seen customers shopping for products across numerous categories, ranging from food and beverages to household items. GlobalBees aimed to capitalise on this growth opportunity by creating a next-generation consumer platform that allows customers to buy their favourite products in one place.

Apart from the large consumer base that the company could leverage, GlobalBees’s innovative technology also became an attractive asset for potential investors. The company developed sophisticated algorithms that enable predictive analytics, helping customers with their shopping needs and making deeper connections. This helped them to create more personalised experiences while providing access to better product selections – all at competitive prices.

The success of GlobalBees’s Series A funding round indicates how strongly investors felt about the company’s innovative technology and potential growth opportunities in the vast e-commerce market. With access to capital, GlobalBes is now well-positioned to become a leader in the online retail industry as it seeks to expand its customer base globally and establish itself as one of the world’s premier brands for shoppers seeking convenience and quality products.

Expansion into new markets

In 2019, GlobalBees raised $150M in Series A financing, a significant investment for any company. The funds were used to promote the company’s growth and expand their presence into new markets. The company aims to become a major player in the global digital services market and their investment will help them achieve this goal.

With their new resources they can make large investments in developing cutting-edge technologies, leading to innovative digital products and services which can meet customer needs better than ever before. Additionally, GlobalBees has reallocated some of their funds towards bolstering their presence in developing markets such as China, India and African countries, while establishing new offices in key North American markets such as Canada and the US.

Furthermore, they plan on investing more resources into acquiring established companies to acquire the latest technologies and expertise to help them advance.

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Acquisition of new brands

The recent $150M round of Series A funding, led by GoldenGate Ventures, will allow GlobalBees to continue on the path of incredible growth they’ve experienced over the last two years. In addition, by investing in this new capital, GlobalBees can use it to power its acquisition strategy. This includes acquiring new brands, such as APAC-based Caravelle, expanding into US and Europe markets.

Another key aspect of the funding will be scaling up new capabilities and extending into strategic partnerships to solidify their position as the leading independent beekeepers in Asia-Pacific. These partnerships will help them grow their resource base, giving those already working with GlobalBees access to more expertise and infrastructure.

Finally, this venture capital injection allows them to further focus on innovation initiatives that can greatly improve beekeeping operations throughout Southeast Asia and beyond. With this fresh influx of funds and strategic investments, GlobalBees is well positioned to become a major force in driving global honeybee conservation.

GlobalBees’s Funding

GlobalBees recently raised $150M in Series A funding, led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, with participation from Bessemer Venture Partners. This brings GlobalBees’s total funding to $175M, the biggest Series A ever raised in the e-commerce sector.

This funding will help GlobalBees build a “Thrasio-like” house of brands and expand their product offerings and capabilities in the fast-growing e-commerce space.

Look deeper into this funding round and what it could mean for GlobalBees.

Series A round of $150M

GlobalBees, a global media analytics platform, has completed its Series A round of funding, raising $150 million. The latest financing round was led by a group of leading venture capitalists and strategic investors including Silicon Valley-based VC firm VC, who previously invested in GlobalBees.

The funds will further expand the company’s footprint in the rapidly growing global media analytics space, accelerate product development and international expansion plans. In addition to the capital infusion, several strategic partners have been brought on board to help with implementation and execution.

GlobalBees provides a comprehensive suite of data-driven solutions designed to help businesses measure their audiences by exploring and segmenting information from online media sources such as social networks, search engines and websites. Through its proprietary analytics platform that builds predictive models from both structured and unstructured sources of data it helps uncover key insights about how customers engage with brands in today’s digital ecosystem.

With the new funding round, GlobalBees aims to further develop its analytics capabilities. It can also use it for boosting international engagement including establishing offices in markets such as Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific to serve their global client base, including top brand names like Unilever, Starburst or Great Wall Motors. With a better understanding of global customers’ correlations between market dynamics and media channels, Globalbees hopes to become a powerful enabler for driving performance outcomes across the Social Media landscape globally.

Investors in the round

GlobalBees was the beneficiary of the largest Series A round in 2019. A large group of investors participated in the round, including:

  • Fidelity Investments
  • SoftBank
  • Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
  • Lightspeed Ventures
  • Sequoia Capital
  • Greylock Partners
  • First Round Capital

GlobalBees also received follow-on investments from previous investors, including Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom, Dropbox founder Drew Houston and Zynga CEO Mark Pincus. These investors provided GlobalBees with $150 million in Series A funding.

This investment shows confidence in GlobalBees’s ambitious mission to help “bees buzz better” and create a vibrant global beekeeping community. With this capital injection they strengthen their financial position while continuing to create partnerships with global beekeepers and helping them optimise their beehive operations.


GlobalBees recently raised $150 million in Series A funding. This allows the company to build a Thrasio-like house of brands.

A Thrasio-like model involves:

  • Taking existing e-commerce brands.
  • Leveraging their popularity.
  • Creating a network of similar brands.

This business model has proven successful for many companies, and it looks like GlobalBees is positioning itself to also benefit from it.

Let’s explore this further.

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Overview of Thrasio’s business model

Thrasio is a venture-backed consumer brands and ecommerce platform that acquires, operates, and grows consumer brands on Amazon. The company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneurs Joshua Benaim, Carlos Moncayo, and Patrick Munzone.

Thrasio combines best-in-class operations with a replicable model to acquire, integrate, manage, scale, and optimise third-party marketplace brands.

Its unique model of platforms to acquire companies and software solutions to accelerate growth of each brand in its portfolio made them ready for larger investors. In addition, Thrasio applies deep analytics to the profitability of each acquisition while partnering with product designers to ensure consistent customer satisfaction with their products.

By combining analytical data with an agile approach and management know-how they can rapidly launch new products that fill market gaps and yield fast returns on investment. This has led them to successfully grow into a leading global seller of consumer goods on Amazon—with over $400 million in GMV for 2020—and attract over $150M in Series A funding from top investors SoftBank Vision Fund 2, General Atlantic & FTV Capital.

How it is similar to GlobalBees

The Thrasio model is similar to that of GlobalBees and is based on a proven approach of using data-driven technology and a deep understanding of customer needs to quickly identify and scale high-performing ecommerce brands. In addition, it relies on its proprietary predictive analytics platform and a network of experts in different verticals to locate the best opportunities for organic growth. It also has the potential to grow through strategic acquisitions, leveraging internal expertise alongside external partners to identify prime targets for acquisition, streamline operations, and make investments into expanding their portfolios.

Thrasio’s approach combines agility with efficiency, taking full advantage of its unrivalled familiarity with Amazon marketplace dynamics to optimise every aspect of an acquisition from product selection to pricing strategies. In addition, by leveraging existing technology and strategic partnerships with key players like Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), Thrasio can scale its acquisitions rapidly without investing resources into physical infrastructure or complex logistics plans.

In just two years, Thrasio has grown into one of the largest private sellers on Amazon, competing directly with major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Costco — while still surpassing those companies in terms of profitability. This shows that Thrasio’s model offers immense potential for rapid growth, making it an attractive option for investors like GlobalBees looking to make big bets on ecommerce businesses at scale.